The success of a Yacht and the Ownership experience relies heavily on the competencies and character of the Captain, but how does an Owner effectively recruit and retain the most talented Captain?

OnlyCaptains offer a new and unique approach to finding your Captain; the person you will entrust with your yacht, your family’s safety and providing the leadership that will deliver your ownership experience.

OnlyCaptains uses ‘Executive Search’ techniques. We work as retained consultants; mandated by a Yacht Owner, their representatives and/or managers, to research, identify and target talented Captains whose character, experience and attributes align with their brief and vision for yachting.

Our consultants are yacht captains with extensive command experience working for some of the World’s wealthiest business leaders. They are personally involved with our Clients and Captain candidates throughout the whole process, using their knowledge and insight to help facilitate success.

With an industry network established over 60 years of combined experience they use a range of methods and resources to find Captains, including passive candidates who may be motivated by a credible and discrete approach.

OnlyCaptains work in the strictest of confidence at all times.

As part of the assessment process OnlyCaptains employ a panel of psychometric tests specifically developed for Captains and senior officers in the maritime industry, including stress, personality, intelligence and leadership style. On Client request, we also offer a full-day evaluation by a qualified psychologist and ‘bridge simulator’ command assessment.

Where a Yacht Owner is considering promoting a Chief Officer to Captain or placing an existing Captain onto a larger yacht, we can assist in that process and risk-management by providing a command assessment. This can be supplemented by a training and mentoring package.

Once your captain is placed our work is not finished!

OnlyCaptains know from experience that matching a Captain to a yacht and Owner is only the beginning; we remain personally invested with our Captains and Clients through, support and mentoring, to ensure this most important relationship maintains good health and flourishes.

Whether you are seeking a new Captain, promoting from within, or seeking to build the competence and relationship with your existing Captain, contact OnlyCaptains now.



OnlyCaptains remain engaged as mentors to the newly placed Captain and support them through the challenges of their new command. We stay available to the Client and communicate on their behalf as required.

The mentoring relationship is essential to newly promoted Captains, and/or those stepping up to larger tonnage for the first time – OnlyCaptains support the Captain with knowledge and insight based on their own command experience.

The Captain/Owner relationship can often come under pressure for a myriad of reasons and OnlyCaptains are also there to help realign the expectations and relationship.

To find out more about our unique service, contact us now.

OnlyCaptainsfor Captains, by Captains!…